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Game Controls:

  • Mouse— Control the Lord; C— Gold Mine
  • E— Build the house; R— Build the tower
  • F— Mage castle; T— Summon solider
  • Y— Summon knight; U— Summon archer
  • I— Summon barbarian; M— Summon mage
  • O— Summon dragon; P— Summon ballista
  • S— Summon sapper; K— Summon troll
  • Space— Split army; Alt— Stop
  • Enter— Chat; Esc— Menu

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Lordz.io is unique and very addicting io game. Your main goal is to conquer the whole map. The game starts with a small amount of gold and the Lord. Use panel at the bottom to recruit an army and to build Gold Mine. A gold mine is the most important thing is this game, it gathers gold for you. Use this gold to make a strong army. Use defend towers to protect your gold mines from enemies. Also, you can upgrade your gold mines and towers.

Try to collect gold coins and to destroy enemies gold mines and build there yours. The big army requires a lot of houses, so you need to build them and protect. During the fight try to kill the lord, not his army. If the lord is dead then his army become yours. If you really want to conquer the whole map, then you need teammates, create a clan or join the clan that already exists. This game has smooth graphics and addicting gameplay. Play and have fun!