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Game Controls:

  • WASD, , Mouse— Move
  • Left mouse button— Action
  • 1...9 — Choose item
  • Enter —Chat
Raaaaft.io is an awesome multiplayer game which is similar to starve.io. So your main goal is to survive. You have multiple bars such as Nutrition, Hydration, Energy. Nutrition, Hydration you should always restore, because if they low you start to lose HP and then die. To survive you need to collect a lot of resources and food, after, you can craft some tools and structures which help you to survive. First things you need to do – is to get some fish. Just use your fishing rode.

Fish will restore your Nutrition bar, if you put the fish in the grill then grilled fish restore much more Nutrition, after that you need some water. You need to build a water maker and put there the glass. Just find in the left corner button. You will find there all recipes for structures. Have fun and try to stay alive as long as you can.