69 of 100

Game Controls:

  • Mouse— Move
  • QLeft Mouse Click— Boost
  • W— Stop
  • E— Invisibility
GAME DESCRIPTION is a really fun game similar to Your main character is a snake and you should collect colorful dots to become bigger, also, you should make other snakes bump into you, they will die and leave a lot of big shining dots, collect them.
These dots bring you many more points than usual on the map. Each dot gives you points, take a look at the top right corner. There you can find the leaderboard and your position based on a score. Don’t forget before you start playing choose a skin, there are a lot of funny skins.


You can boost by pressing the “Q” button, your speed will be increased, it may help you to avoid attacks from other snakes, and it will help you to kill them.

You can stop moving by pressing the “W” button, this action may save your life and also, you can change your moving direction at 180 degrees, which is pretty cool.

The last skill is invisibility. This is a very powerful ability which can help you to kill a lot of snakes. Just press the “E” button. Keep in mind that all skills have some period of cooldown.

Bonuses from registration

After registration you receive rating and now you compete against other players by score. After each round, you receive money that could be spent on artifacts. Click on the “Shop” button and choose the artifact you want.

If you buy a premium account then you can disable ads.

Enjoy at and have fun! is an engaging unblocked game that you can play here on directly in your browser, free of charge. has been played by 3568 people and has received a rating of 69 out of 100 by 37 votes. This addicting game is built with HTML5 to run fast in all modern browsers. can be played in full-screen mode to get the full experience. If you liked it, also play our other arcade games or Curve Fever Pro and