79 of 100

Game Controls:

  • WASD — Move
  • Left mouse clickV— Shoot
  • Right mouse click— Aim/change material
  • Tab— Inventory
  • M— Map
  • Space— Jump
  • Shift— Sprint
  • Q— Building mode
  • R— Reload
  • E— Pickup
  • 1-6— Weapon slot
GAME DESCRIPTION is an awesome survival game. You start the game in a random place on a map. You have only the pickaxe. Use it as a weapon and as a tool for gathering resources. When you start the game, your most important goal is to find a good weapon with ammo, because if you can’t protect yourself you gonna be killed very soon. When you find the weapon it could have a different color of backlit. It means how rare a weapon and how much it powerful. There are 5 types of rarity, here is the list of weapons rarity from low rarity to high.

  • Grey – the weakest type of weapon
  • Green – more powerful than grey
  • Blue – more powerful than green
  • Violet – more powerful than blue
  • Yellow – the most powerful weapon

Furthermore, besides the weapon, you can find healing potions, bandages that can restore your health and armor. 

One of the most interesting things in the game is that you can build the walls that protect you from bullets. Just press the “Q” button to build. There are 3 types of walls: wooden wall, stone wall, and steel walls. The steel wall is the strongest against bullets. To build the wall you need to gather 10 units of the wood for the wooden wall, 10 units of stone for stone wall and 10 units of steel for steel wall. To gather wood just pick the pickaxe and start hitting trees, to gather stone just hit with the pickaxe stone. If you want to gather steel, you need to kill another player and to pick his steel, this is the only way how to gather steel.

I spend a lot of time to discover how to switch between resources to build a different wall. Finally, I found a solution. Just click the Right mouse button and you will see how your recourses are switched. Keep in mind that you need at least 10 units to build. 

Check always the map, because it’s shrinking with the red zone if you stay in this zone you gonna be losing your health. has 3 game modes: solo, duo, and squad. The solo mode is when you survive alone, a duo with a teammate and the squad when you have 4 teammates.

The game ends when all players die but the one, try to be that one survivor. 

This game inspired by the and , if you like so you like these games too.

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