89 of 100

Game Controls:

  • WASD Mouse Arrows— Move
  • Space— Ultimate skill
GAME DESCRIPTION is a funny evolution game which is pretty similar to . You start your journey from the fly. There are 3 types of creatures. Those who can kill you, those who could be killed by you and neutral. Creatures who have a red border can kill you, so stay away from them, if they try to kill, you can always hide from in the clouds, they can’t get you while you there. Those who have green border are your food, try to catch them.

At the top of the screen, you have 3 bars. Bar of the experience, the bar of the water and bar of the oxygen. Try always restore your oxygen and water bar, if they are empty then you will start losing HP. Each time when XP bar is full you become into the new creature. It could be an insect, small bird or big bird like a falcon. Big bird can eat even animal like a pig.

Each creature has own skill, sometimes they are active, sometimes passive. Just point your mouse on the image near your bars and read the description of the skill. If skill as active press “Space” to use it.

The world of FlyorDie is pretty big so it would really interesting to explore the game in all dimensions, vertically and horizontally.

Controls in the game are pretty easy just use WASD or arrows to move. is a fantastic unblocked game that you can play on in your browser, free of charge. has been played by 5733 people and has received a rating of 89 out of 100 by 163 votes. The game is built with HTML5 to run fast in all modern browsers. can be played in full-screen mode to get the full experience. If you liked it, also play our other .io games or and