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Game Controls:

  • WASD, , Mouse— Move
  • Left mouse button— Attack
  • Shift — Sprint
  • F — Interact
  • C — Drop weapon
  • V — Voice to text chat
  • Left mouse click+E — Drop 10 items
  • Q+Scroll — Toggle weapon
GAME DESCRIPTION is an awesome popular game which is pretty similar to So, you have only one goal – stay alive until the end of the game. You spawn on the map without anything, so you should try to find some weapon. It could be ranged weapon like pistol or melee weapon like sword.

You can take only pick-up 2 weapons, switch them by pressing Q. To pick-up item press F. Also use F button to sit in the car or the bike. You can find on the map mystery boxes and health packs. Mystery box may contain cool weapon or boost. Be careful, the map all time getting smaller, if you cross the red line you will instantly receive damage. This game is pretty addicting, try to win the round!

This is an awesome unblocked game that you can play here directly in your browser, free of charge. has been played by 1100 people and has received a rating of 68 out of 100 by 8 votes. You can play it in full-screen mode to get the full experience. Did you like playing Then also play our other shooter or and