76 of 100

Game Controls:

  • Mouse— Move
GAME DESCRIPTION is a really fun game that is pretty similar to but has absolutely another design. You have under your control a small black hole and you aim to absorb all objects that smaller than you. When you absorb the object you become bigger, which means now you can absorb bigger objects and so on. Don’t forget that you can absorb not only city objects like cars, buildings, trees, etc., also, but you can also absorb players that smaller than you.

Game modes

There are 2 game modes: Classic and Battle. Classic mode means that all players have only 2 minutes for absorbing everything they can when the time ends the game is finished. Wins that player who earned the most points. The Battle is a survival mode which ends only when only one player left. Here you should absorb objects to grow and eliminate other players.

Reward and bonuses

After each match, you get a reward that depends on the place you get on the leaderboard. First place – 20 points, second place - 10 points, third place – 5 points. Before you start to play you can choose a skin, there are a lot of skins, but they are blocked, to unlock them you should complete a mission. All missions you can find under the blocked skin.

Tips and Tricks

  • The first 30 seconds of the game is the most important. You should get a place at the leaderboard than you have big chances to win round.
  • Eat everything you can, and don’t spend a lot of time to eat some car or building, it’s better to find the next object and absorb it.
  • When you become bigger try to eat big objects, don’t waste your time searching for small objects.
  •  Eat all other players smaller than you. This will increase the chance to win the round. is a pretty fun game, play it on Enjoy!

This is a thrilling unblocked game that you can enjoy here in your browser, free of charge. has been played by 8617 people and has received a rating of 76 out of 100 by 186 votes. This addicting game is built with WebGL to run fast in all modern browsers. One of the many advantages about playing on Avio Games is that it is available in full-screen mode to get the full experience. If you liked it, also play our other .io games or and