86 of 100

Game Controls:

  • Mouse— Move
  • Left mouse click— Throw knife
GAME DESCRIPTION is an awesome multiplayer game that is pretty similar to the only one difference that in you should throw a knife to kill a player. When you kill a lot of players you get a reward – extra life. You can have a maximum of 3 life. After each round you get a reward – coins, you can spend them on the new skins for your hero, new skins of your weapon and fonts for your nickname.


Your main goal in the game is to get 1st place on the leaderboard, to achieve that you need to kill a lot of players and collect colorful dots. Don’t forget to collect dots that drops from killed players, they give you much more point than usual dots. 

Game mods 

The game has 3 game modes: FFA, Tags, and Teams. FFA (Free for all) mode is the most popular mode where each player tries to survive and doesn’t cooperate with other players. Teams are mode where all player belongs to one of 2 teams, red or blue. And these teams fight between each other. Tag is similar to Teams mode but in Tags mode 4 teams: violet, green, red and blue. When you start playing, you automatically join one of these 4 teams. This game is pretty fun, play with friends this game on and try to put your name to the leaderboard.

This is an engaging unblocked game that you can enjoy on in your browser, free of charge. It has been played by 1884 people and has received a rating of 86 out of 100 by 122 votes. The game is built with WebGL to run fast in all modern browsers. You can play it in full-screen mode to get the full experience. If you liked it, also play our other .io games or and