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Game Controls:

  • WASD, , Mouse— Move
  • Left mouse button— Attack
  • Right mouse button— Switch weapon
  • Space — Jump
  • E — Shop menu
  • L — Lock/unlock mouse

Category & Tags:

Warscrap.io is the awesome 3d shooter. Your goal is to protect your base and kill the boss. You are playing with people against the computer. When enemies die they leave ammo, money, and hearts which restores your HP. The money you can spend in the shop to buy the more powerful weapon.

Also, you have additional abilities, just press keys 1,2,3 or 4 they give you big jump, invisibility, grenade, energy shield. Use all of this to kill enemies. Don’t forget to play with friends, just share the special link. To do this just click button “create/join” and copy the link. Have fun!